Robotics is a modern field which combines phisics, mechanics, IT and electronics engineering. It is considered to be the fastest growing field in the world. In practice – it is a robot construction and the animation of self-made device. Robots which have unlimited abilities and can perform countless activities when being coded.

During Robocreator classes participants have the possibility to send their machines to space and save space stations or take part in a SUMO battle. 

WHAT IS ROBOTICS? Technical sciences are believed to be the investment in the future. Hundreds of children have checked it out taking part in Robocreator workshops. For 10 years highly skilled trainers have been sharing their passion to experiments with children. It is an unusual approach to learning which is based on the search for alternative solutions.

The company’s aim is to show that robotics can become an adventure, passion or the future for every child regardless of  their age.

Our cooperation is based on franchising. We know that franchising is a chance for all those who are intrested in business but have not had enough courage to make the first step. It is also an ideal solution for the ones who already own a company and want to expand their activity with science classes.

Owing a business has a lot of advantages, from development, independence, time management to guaranteed profits. Great support, well-prepared curriculum, unique know-how, 10 years of expercience and quality which we own can make your dream about  your own company come true.

We offer two models of cooperation to our partners – Master Franchise or the ownership of one branch.


Two possibilities of cooperation:

Do you want to set up a branch in your city?

Do you want to become a Master Franchise and set up many branches across the country?